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RECOMMENDED ROUTE Let the journey be different, recommend the best travel route.

TOUR STYLE Whatever type of traveler you are, we have designed a handful of custom tours
with a particular theme to suit you well.

  • Family Wherever you go, whatever you do, we are right here waiting for you to customise an itinerary in accordance with your requests and requirements. We offer a number of fun, kid-friendly and stress-free tour itineraries specially designed for family with kid(s) for your reference. For your family custom tours, we will make the pace suited to kids and parents, provide you with a private professional English speaking guide and a licensed driver (in some... View Tours

  • Senior Whatever age you are, travel can be your fountain of youth. Wherever you want to go in Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America or North America, we have many senior-friendly tours exclusively selected from attractions to accommodation for you. Our rich experience of organising tours for senior guests has enabled us to guarantee that everything will meet your expectation and beyond. Other than that, we also go any way to let you customise significantly the itinerary with... View Tours

  • Couple It's not so easy to plan a romantic trip for your loved one in a country where you have never been and you know little about. So why not let us take the pressure away for you? We are expertise in creating the best couple holidays suited to whom longing for romance. These romantic holidays cover a number of wonderful destinations in Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America. Whether you want to see the picturesque mountains, stay in a resort in a beautiful beach or... View Tours

  • Cruise Travel by river, lake or sea is an antidote to the stress of life in a fast-paced world as it allows us to sail slowly, soaking up scenery without any hassle. From the Yangtze River in China, the Volga River in Russia, the Rhine River or the Danube River in Europe, the Nile River in Egypt to the Mekong River in Vietnam, we offer a range of custom tours including a fantastic cruise experience. Just sit back, feel relaxed and we will move the scenery for you. View Tours

  • Special Interest Asia Discovery Tours has organised special interest tours for our clients for over ten years. ADT special interest tours include, but not limited to, USA Quilting tour, UK and Europe Quilts, Embroidery, Castles and Gardens tour, the Great Japan International Quilt Show tour, China Ceramic tour with Yangtze, India Textile and Lifestyle tour and so on. Most of our special interest tours will be led by our professional tour leaders who are the experts in those circles. Besides our special interest group... View Tours

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