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Please find some of our special promotions as follows (our prices now include airport tax and fuel surcharge)

Promotion Itineraries:

11 Day China Ice Festival Tour Jan. 2019 (Tour Code: CIT)

15 Day China Ethnic Adventure Tour Spe. & Nov. 2018 (Tour Code: CST)

20-Day Vietnam and Cambodia Pottery Tour Oct. 2018 (Tour Code: VCC)

13 Day Special China Tour With Majestic Yangtze 2018 From $2,290  Highly Recommended!! 

17 Day Tibet and Nepal Vistas Tour  2018

17 Day South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau Discovery Tour Sep. 2018 

13 Day Vietnam Holiday Special 2018 From $2,280

15 Day Vietnam and Cambodia Highlights Tour 2018

14 Day Panoramic Sri Lanka 2018 

23 Day Spain, Portugal & Morocco Vista May 2018 

16 Day Russia Waterways Tour Jul. 2018

23 Day China Silk Road and Russia Waterway Tour Aug. 2018

20 Day Grand Balkan Tour Sep. 2018 from $7,380 

26 Day Grand South America Tour Sep. 2018

11 Day Japan Autumn Leaves Tour Nov. 2018 

13 day Japan cherry blossoms tour with hiroshima 28 Mar. & 01 Apr. 2019 

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