China Visa Requirements

The demand for Chinese visas has grown rapidly in recent years in Australia. To provide a better service for visa applicants, the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, following the success of the visa centers of other countries, decides to introduce the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). CVASC is responsible for accepting Chinese visa application of Australian ordinary passport holder and non-Australian passport holder with valid Australian visa or entry stamp, collecting visa fees on behalf of the Consulate General and returning passports.

Services offered by CVASC:

  • Website containing information related to Chinese visa applications
  • Call center and email reply of frequently asked questions regarding Chinese visa applications
  • Online filling in the visa application form --Online booking for application submission
  • Extended office hours for submitting applications and on site queuing system
  • Postal service is available to applicants.

Advantages of using CVASC:

  • Completing application forms online
  • Shorter waiting time
  • Automated enquiry service or consultant available
  • Modern and efficient facilities.

CVASC is operated by CITS V Service (Australia) Pty Ltd. Strictly in line with relevant laws of Australia, CVASC takes every precaution to ensure the safety of the personal information and documents of the applicants.

While providing you with high quality services, CVASC kindly reminds you of the following:

(1) Holders of diplomatic, service (official) passport, or applicants qualified for applying for Chinese diplomatic, courtesy and service visa, or applicants applying for the Hong Kong visa/entry permit still submit their applications directly to the Chinese Consulate General without changes.

(2) CVASC has no involvement in the visa assessment and decision-making process. Whether a visa is to be issued or not to be issued, and what type of visa to be issued as well as its period of validity, number of entry and duration of stay shall be decided by the Chinese Consulate General in the light of China's relevant laws and regulations.

A. Payment and visa application fees:


                  Visa   Category









   Entries (6 months)



    Entries (1 year)



Visa fees


Service fees

(GST included)

Regular service

(fourth working day collection)









Express service

(third working day collection)









Rush service

(second working day collection)









Mail application







(1) Visa Fees are collected on behalf of the Chinese Consulate-General.Application Service Fees are charged by the Center.

(2) Cash、money order、bank cheque、company cheque and credit card (Visa and Master card) are acceptable. No personal cheques. Please make cheques and money orders payable t CITS V Service (Australia) Pty Ltd (3) The total amount of the fees to be paid by an applicant = visa fees + application service fees.

B. Basic requirements for tourist visa ("L" Visa):

  1. Passport with minimum 6-month validity and at least one full blank page.
  2. One completed Visa Application Form and one passport photo.
  3. Supporting documents such as travel itinerary from a travel agent or an invitation letter from China are needed.
  4. If you have or once had a Chinese name, you fill it in.

C. Basic requirements for business visa ("F" Visa):

  • Items "1", "2" and "4" of basic requirements for tourist visa are applicable in this case.
  • An invitation letter issued by a Chinese company or business counterpart which clearly states that the trip to China is business-related. Alternatively, a letter from the company in Australia in which the applicant is working can be accepted by this Consulate.

D. For those applying for multiple-entry "L" or "F" visa, working or student visa, they are required to obtain an official invitation issued by an authorized department in China.

For working visa, a Work Permit from the Chinese Labor Ministry or Certificate from the State Bureau of Foreign Experts is needed. Form J201 or J202 is needed for a student visa. The holder of working or student visa is kindly reminded to go through the procedures for obtaining the residence permit in local police station within 30 days of entry to avoid illegal stay.

E. Visa validity & Duration of stay:

A single-entry visa is normally valid for 3 months, a double entry visa for 6 months, and multiple-entry for 6 or 12 months, from the date of issue. Normally, the duration of stay in China is 30-90 days counted from the date of arrival in China. In case of need, you are kindly reminded to extend your visa in local police station to avoid illegal stay.

F. Notes:

  • Under certain circumstances, a visa application could be declined or a visa be cancelled.
  • The applicant should apply for a visa to China within 1-2 months before the intended date of entry.
  • Unless the specified time has passed, no inquiry would be accepted about the process of visa application.
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